Keep Calm and Get a Mop

Last night my housemates and I had the joy of experiencing a flood on the first floor of our house.  Something went wrong with the toilet valves and it caused the toilet to gush out water for a solid 3-5 minutes, covering approximately 75% of our floor with one inch of water.

ToiletOverflow_300_0410-mdWhat was our initial reaction, you ask?  Screaming.  Screaming and panicking and a dash for rain boots and a table to stand on.

One might think it is silly to scream and panic over a flooding toilet – and now that I look back, I agree.  The screaming and panicking over an overflowing toilet is a good lesson in PR and crisis management.

If I had approached the situation like a proper PR professional would have handled a crisis, I would have remained calm, walked over to the toilet, shut off the valves, gone to get a mop and then informed my housemates of the situation in a calm matter.

Now, yes, it is a bit silly to compare a PR crisis to a flooded house, but I believe every situation can be approached with a PR mindset.



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