Keep Calm and Get a Mop

Last night my housemates and I had the joy of experiencing a flood on the first floor of our house.  Something went wrong with the toilet valves and it caused the toilet to gush out water for a solid 3-5 minutes, covering approximately 75% of our floor with one inch of water.

ToiletOverflow_300_0410-mdWhat was our initial reaction, you ask?  Screaming.  Screaming and panicking and a dash for rain boots and a table to stand on.

One might think it is silly to scream and panic over a flooding toilet – and now that I look back, I agree.  The screaming and panicking over an overflowing toilet is a good lesson in PR and crisis management.

If I had approached the situation like a proper PR professional would have handled a crisis, I would have remained calm, walked over to the toilet, shut off the valves, gone to get a mop and then informed my housemates of the situation in a calm matter.

Now, yes, it is a bit silly to compare a PR crisis to a flooded house, but I believe every situation can be approached with a PR mindset.



Trending: Chevron Stripes

Trending: Chevron Stripes

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J by Jasper Conran chevron tote bag
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My 47 Seconds of Fame

Last week,  Target did a Tweet-to-Runway Twitter competition to promote their new “Everyday Collection”.  The point of the runway show was to feature people’s everyday tweets to promote their everyday products.

I just happened to be a lucky winner with a featured tweet!  But not only did they feature my tweet, they personally referenced me, by name, in another part of the live show in response to a tweet I tweeted at them.

Lets just say I was a little excited.  Take a look!

Clean Desk, Clean Mind

Every year, I tell myself that I am going to get organized and stay organized.  Organized in life, in school, in my house, etc.  Organization is just something that is key to life – especially a PR girls life!

When you first tell yourself you are going get organized what is the first thing that comes to mind?  A planner.  Yes, most people (including myself) will immediately go out and find that super cute planner that inspires them to write in it daily – however, that is only half of the organization process.

The first step to organization is cleaning and organizing your work space.  When my desk is clean, organized, and perfectly displayed for all to see, I instantly feel put together, professional and clean.  Once that is clean I can begin to write things in my planner and get further organized.

So whether you are a student, a PR girl, or just any girl with a desk or work space, here are a few examples of how to stylishly organize your work space so you can feel great and enjoy the time you spend there.













A Bridesmaid Brunch

After a [way too] long blogging hiatus, I am back – and I bring some randomly ravishing updates.

First, I have been promoted from my Assistant Project Manager event planning position to Project Manager for the same  team.  My responsibilities have grown bigger, but I am loving every minute of it.

And second, my beautiful friend, housemate, and fellow blogger, Taylor Flumerfelt, has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!

I am so honored and so excited to be a part of her big day.

To start off the wedding festivities, she invited us all to a Bridesmaid Brunch which was so perfectly decorated with feminine, delicate touches.  The bridesmaids walked in to see a beautiful display of quiches, muffins, fresh fruit, chicken salad croissants and perfectly pink punch.

After we ate she so kindly presented us each with a gift which was a glamorous journal to keep wedding details in, and two little cards:  one describing each one of the bridesmaids, and the other, a coupon for the royal treatment on the big day – hair, makeup, you name it – and for my favorite price…free!

She certainly knows how to spoil us!

Photo Credit: Brianna Kuck
Photo Credit: Brianna Kuck










Photos by: Tiffany Ellis


10 Things You Need to Know About Blogging

If you are a PR student, or just anyone who is looking to begin blogging, you may not know all the “codes” for blogging.  Starting a blog is not only fun, but if you get good enough and blog frequently, you never know what doors could open for you.

So whether you want to just have fun, or gain experience for PR, here are some basic tips for blogging:

  1. Be You – You and your writing style are unique – so why try and write like someone else?  People like to read real and raw material, so don’t fake it.
  2. ALWAYS insert pictures! I can not stress that enough.  People are very visual, and you are catering to people – so do what they like! (and it looks pretty!)
  3. Make your readers “LOL” – who doesn’t like to laugh?  I always like to read more of something that makes me laugh, so if you want loyal readers, then give them something they’ll want to come back to!
  4. Keep it spaced out – long paragraphs are a “no no”.  Do you like to read something that looks like a long loaf of bread?? no thank you….people’s eyes are attracted to things with spacing and short paragraphs.
  5. Give them some credit – if you use a picture or an excerpt from another article or blog, cite them.  You wouldn’t want someone to quote your work and not give you credit, now would you?
  6. Tag, don’t URL – URL’s are ugly. End of story.  It is unprofessional too.  Simply highlight a word or phrase in your blog and click the “insert link” button and voila!
  7. Consistency is Key – You don’t have to write everyday, but it is good to set a routine for both yourself and your readers.  It keeps you accountable, and your readers satisfied.
  8. Be a Little Selfish – Have an ‘About Me’ page that talks about you, your age, your career, etc.  Readers like to feel like they know you.
  9. Looks Matter – This is not one of those situations where its “whats on the inside that counts” – Like I said about the pictures, people like to look at attractive things – it’s basically a law of nature.  Make sure the design and the background is not too overbearing, but at the same time, not too simple.
  10. Have Fun – Need I say more?

The Importance of PR News Releases

When I first began taking classes as a PR major, I kept hearing the same term over and over: “Press Release” – however, it seemed that my professors just assumed I knew what it meant…but I didn’t.  Luckily, most of my PR classes were in a computer lab, so one day I decided to finally get smart and do what all scholarly people do – Google it.

When I Googled, “What is a Press Release” this is the first thing that popped up: “An official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter.”

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 11.26.13 AM

While this is true, there are many more outlets for a press release than just newspapers.  Since we live in a world where technology is developing bigger and better everyday, newspapers are and will continue to fizzle out little by little.  So if it were up to me to define a press release I would state it as “An official statement issued to the mass media giving information on a particular matter.”

Typically a news release is needed if a company or organization is debuting and promoting a product, person, service, or trying to resolve an issue.  Press releases have a very specific way of being written, so it is very important that the guidelines be followed carefully.  The main source for learning how to write a press release is by reading an AP Stylebook.  The AP Stylebook is your go-to guide for everything PR, Journalism and news release related.

Beyond the specifics of an actual press release, lets look at the reasons why press releases are so important.  I found a great article listing the 7 Important Benefits of Press Releases.  This article lists and explains some of the top reasons why a business should take advantage of press releases.

According to this article, here are the 7 reasons of the benefits of a press release:

  1. All businesses can benefit
  2. Press release distribution is fairly inexpensive
  3. You can boost your company’s visibility
  4. Press releases can establish you as an industry expert
  5. Good releases can spread far and wide
  6. Use your news to get more customers
  7. Investors keep up with the news too

To see all seven of these points explained, please visit the linked article above.

So go buy an AP Stylebook and get to work on expanding your business’s horizon’s!