Not Just a Craze

We have all done it.  We have all tried to eat healthy.  There is just one problem – we can never keep it up!  Well, at least I have never been able to keep it up.  However, this summer I changed how I ate and I have actually stuck with it for quite a while now.

I changed my eating habits when I went to the dermatologist and she told me that what you eat really does influence your skin.  She gave me a list of foods to avoid and then she told me to watch Food Inc.

Source: IMDB

If you have not seen Food Inc. then I highly suggest you do!  It has definitely changed my life.The diet that my doctor put me on is not only for my skin, but for my overall well-being.  And let me tell you…once I began this diet, I instantly felt so much better at the end of every day!

My diet consists of:


  • Dairy
  • Red Meat
  • Pork
  • Chicken (unless organic)

What I can eat:

  • Veggies
  • Turkey
  • Hummus
  • Fish (wild, not farm raised)
  • Fruit
  • Whole Wheat

Like I said before, since following this diet plan, I feel so much better all day long!

source: Food Network

My favorite healthy snacks include:

  • Hummus & pita chips
  • Pistachios
  • Apple & Nutella
  • Carrots & Italian vinaigrette dressing

Of course there are times where you need to cheat a little and have that warm chocolate chip cookie, but hey, it’s ok!  Just make sure to keep things in moderation!


Since beginning this diet, and sticking with it, I have seen a dramatic difference in my skin.  If I have a pimple, it is because I cheated a little and gave into that Chick-Fil-A or ate that taco with sour cream.

It may be hard at first, but trust, me – it is well worth it.  Your skin & your body will thank you.


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