Apple: Social Media-less

Seeing as how Apple is such a large corporation, one would think that they are active in every social media outlet out there.  Wrong.  Apple, Inc, as a whole, does not have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram, or any other social media account – however – the App Store and iTunes Store do have Twitter accounts. Some people may ask why Apple doesn’t participate in social media, but the answer is kind of obvious: They don’t need to.

Apple has such a strong and loyal fan base, and they are so confident in their customer service, that they simply do not need to waste their time with social media.  Yes, it would be nice for customers to be able to keep up with them via Twitter, but they know that their products are so extraordinary that people will go out of their way to keep up with them.




One thought on “Apple: Social Media-less

  1. I think it’s also the case for some luxury big brands. It seems there are a lot of accounts under ‘Rolex’ but they are not powered by Rolex. It’s a company that don’t really advertise. Same for Ferrari.

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