PR and Event Planning


When you hear PR what do you think of?  People? Politics? Social Media?  When I hear PR I think event planning!  I absolutely LOVE event planning.  What better way to “relate with the public” than to throw an event that they want to attend?  For most people when they hear “event planning” typically, they think weddings – however, that is no where near the possibilities of a career in event planning.

When I first decided I wanted to plan events, I was very interested in wedding planning – how hard could it be?  JLo made it look so easy in The Wedding Planner, right?  False.  Wedding planning is actually a bunch of chaos because the planner has to do what the bride says.  Once I figured that out, weddings were a no!  I want to plan an event how I want to plan it!

What I love so much about event planning is that you work so hard for weeks (or even months) for this one day.  Hours and hours of phone calls, computer work, budgeting, emails, Starbucks runs, etc. and then to see it all unfold into one, extraordinary (or maybe not so much…) event.  To see the satisfied faces and socializing among the attendees makes all the blood, sweat and tears worth it.

My ultimate dream PR/Event Planning job would be to plan New Years Eve in Times Square or an event for New York Fashion Week – or any fashion event, period!  If you take my three passions: New York City, Event Planning and PR – the possibilities are endless.

You might ask what makes me qualified to plan events – I have been planning events since high school.  Homecoming, prom, you name it, I did it – and now that I am in college, I plan the events that take place on campus.  I have attended many training seminars, meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc.  I wouldn’t say I am anywhere near ready for the big leagues, but I would say I am slowly getting there.

So if you like a lot of stress, full calendars, little sleep, and great events, then event planning is definitely the PR route to take!


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