And You Thought this was a Vacation

When I told people I was going to be going on a missions trip to Scotland, most of them said, “Scotland?! That sounds like a vacation!” Well, you were very wrong. You see, the thing about castles is that they require a remarkable amount of upkeep…especially when there was a period of time when no one up-kept it for several years. The Overtoun House Manor is acres upon acres…so there is a lot of grass – and grass has to be mowed. So that is what we have been doing – along with splitting wood (with an ax), shoveling dirt, weed whacking, and transporting very heavy slabs of cement. Our muscles are hating us right about now – and we are hating them just as much!

Getting Ready for a Day of Work

However, we do take a break from that work to go teach kids baseball at their school, and go to another school to do what is called “Kinrick Kids” (which is celtic for “Kingdom Kids”). Teaching baseball is very interesting because the kids are ages 4-7 and they do not understand why the glove has to go on the opposite hand that you write with. Kinrick Kids involves interacting with kids of all ages after they get out of school for the day and singing songs, playing games, doing puppets, and teaching them bible verses.

Unfortunately we are not able to take pictures of us working with the children because it is against the law here. However, I do have some interesting pictures of me attempting to split wood…luckily I succeeded….once!

Team member, Alix, mowing like a boss
Emily & I just splitting some wood
yeah…you could say it was tough
I did it!

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