Toto, We’re Not in Florida Anymore…

Thursday, May 17 – That was the day I left for Scotland.  A group of students from my college and I have been planning a missions trip to Scotland since the fall – and I thought it would never get here.  So the day finally came!  I woke up Thursday morning in the hot state of Florida not knowing what to expect in another country – let alone a cold one!  I am not one to get too excited about things – I do get excited, but I do not express how excited I am about things like other people do.  But I was excited.

We departed from Tampa International Airport all the way to London Gatwick Airport – an 8 hour flight!  I have never flown more than 3!  But much to my surprise was the biggest plane I have ever seen!!  One that is much like what you see in the movies (specifically, Bridesmaids).  I did not know what I was more excited about – this 8 hour flight, or the 18 days in Scotland that was in front of me.

Besides the fact that I could not get comfortable [at all] for the whole 8 hours or that I only slept 45 minutes, I really enjoyed the flight!  There were so many movies and TV shows to pick from that I could not decide where to start!  I began by watching Friends and How I Met Your Mother.  By the time I was finished watching those, it was dinner!  A whole three course meal!!!  And as I ate my mildly delicious dinner, I watched the Muppets Movie…and it was great!

The rest of the flight included another movie, more shows, and breakfast – and before I knew it we were in London.

The flight from London to Glasgow, Scotland was only 2 hours and I slept the whole time.  So to my delight, when I woke up, I was finally in Scotland!

Flying in!

Customs was a pain because we had to lie about where we were staying because missions is prohibited in the UK and we are staying in a Christian healing center.  So once we got past customs, and to our luggage, it was finally time to step outside and see what Scotland had to offer us…and let me tell ya, it took my breath away!

It was delightfully cold and very very green!  I looked like your typical tourist – I took a picture of everything with my mouth wide open in awe.

The family in charge of Overtoun House (where we are staying) picked us up from the airport and drove us to what I think is a little piece of heaven – the Overtoun House.  I have never seen anything so beautiful and majestic and serene, but at the same time eery and “Edgar Allen Poe meets Pride and Prejudice”.

As you can see, it is breath-taking.

Keep checking back for more posts from my trip to Scotland!

Random Socttish looking house
Front of the house
Back of the house
View from the roof!
roof view of backyard
The team in front of the house



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