Yes, I Will Be Trespassing

The release has been rescheduled several times, but have no fear, it is here!  Adam Lambert‘s sophomore album “Trespassing” is here and it has exceeded expectation.  I have been counting down the days, but now, I can finally hold it in my hands and give my ears a sweet treat.

The album is diverse due to the various types of ‘sounds’.  Some songs sound like ‘now’ and some sound like 80’s and 90’s…and of course, as Adam does best…the ballad.  I had very high expectations for this album because his first album, “For Your Entertainment” was so profound.  His #1 hit “If I Had You” is my all time favorite song, so Adam had a lot to live up to with this album…and he did just that.  The new “If I Had You” is now “Trespassing”, “Cuckoo”, and “Never Close Our Eyes”.  And the album has not even been available for 24 hours and it is already #1 on iTunes.

Now – we have never seen Adam as a good boy, he is all bad…all the time, and this album definitely shows it!  He says what he wants…whether explicit or not.  Which is sexy…as he always is.

I am absolutely in love with the entire album – here is the track listing for the Deluxe Version:

  1. Trespassing*
  2. Cuckoo**
  3. Shady
  4. Never Close Our Eyes*
  5. Kickin’ In
  6. Naked Love*
  7. Pop That Lock
  8. Better Than I Know Myself
  9. Broken English
  10. Underneath*
  11. Chokehold*
  12. Outlaws of Love
  13. Runnin’
  14. Take Back
  15. Nirvana*

*Favorites    **Explicit

So do yourself a favor and go listen to his new album.  You won’t regret it.


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