Summer Makeup How To

It is summer – you know what that means…HOT weather!  When it is hot, we are not.  However, it does mean it is time for a tan…which magically makes anyone more attractive (it’s been scientifically proven).  So how do you emphasize the glowing bronze goddess and downplay the hot sweaty mess?  Well, I am glad you asked!

  • Use a Primer – either use a face & eye primer or use a waterproof foundation (Mary Kay makes a wonderful waterproof cream-to-powder foundation) to keep powder and eye shadow intact all day
  • Play up the tan – bronze yourself!  Find a bronzer that compliments your skin tone and brush it on.  The key to applying bronzers evenly is by using a kabuki brush.  To get that all-over glow apply bronzer in the shape of a 3 – stroke the brush in a ‘3’ motion on your forehead/temples, down to your cheek bones, down your jaw, and under the jaw line.  Also, apply on each side of the nose, to contour and make the nose appear smaller.
  • Use gold and bronze shimmer eye shadows – If you are going out in the day use a light gold shimmer over the entire lid and a deeper gold or light bronze in the crease.  And of course, do not forget the shimmer highlighter in the corner of the eye, beneath the brow, and bottom lid.  For night – do the same, but with deeper shades of gold and bronze.
  • Bright cheeks and lips – Again, taking into consideration of your skin tone, use shades of pink and berry for your cheeks and lips.  This will give you a bright, fresh feel.  If you do not like pinks on your skin, or with the outfit you are wearing, go all bronze!  Apply your bronzer to the apples of your cheeks and a bronze shimmer gloss – you will be glowing!
  • Blot – Oil blotters are a woman’s secret weapon.  Whether you have oily skin or not, they will freshen up your skin and remove any oil or sweat.

*Tip: Apply bronzer to neck to help your face blend with your chest, since the chest gets more sun than the neck.

So defeat the heat and be hot!

Apply bronzer on temples and cheek bones
Bright cheeks and lips


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