Not Your Typical Girl Next Door

What does it look like to be the sister of a sibling who has passed?  The daughter of the man and woman who founded an international special needs organization?  Some would say she would be traumatized from the experience of the death, and some would say she would be shallow due to owning such a large-scale organization, however, Brianna Kuck is far from expectation.

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Kuck is the daughter of founders of Nathaniel’s Hope, a non-profit organization that specializes with special needs children.  The organization was founded because her brother, Nathaniel, was born with numerous birth anomalies including Craniosynostosis, a condition in which the sutures in an infant skull fuse together.  Nathaniel died in the arms of his mother due to cardiac arrest at the age of four.  Brianna was in fourth grade when this tragedy occurred.  When asked about his death Kuck said, “processing the death of a brother as a little girl is a really hard thing to do, and it is something no child should have to go through.”  Although she and her parents were very saddened by this, her parents would consistently tell her that it was a blessing that they had him for the four years that they did.

When asked what one instance stuck out to her most throughout that time she did not hesitate.  She said that her brother was constantly traveling all over the country to different hospitals for various surgeries, but at one hospital there was a special nurse.  The nurse came in to the hospital room and began to cry by his bed.  She asked if she could pray for him, and in her prayer she prayed that his purpose would be fulfilled.  Brianna said that looking back, his purpose was definitely fulfilled, and for a little boy who could never walk or talk for four years has impacted thousands of lives today.

It was not too long after that Nathaniel’s Hope was established.  Brianna has been a key part of the organization by helping her parents plan and execute all the events and fundraisers they have.  One of her favorite events is Caroling for Kids, where they go caroling to special needs children’s homes and hospitals on Christmas Day.  When she was little she resented her parents for making her go, but now she realizes what an impact it makes on people’s lives.  Brianna also really enjoys the program they have called “Buddy Break.”  Buddy Break is a free respite program for families in need.  “The program started in Orlando and has now expanded to nine states, and is even becoming international with a launch to Russia, Moldova, Belarus, and Ukraine.”

Brianna has had a hand in almost everything that her parents have accomplished with the organization.

There is more to Brianna than just Nathaniel’s Hope.  Brianna is a unique woman of God who is growing into the leader God has called her to be.  Brianna is an honors student, a communications major, and is also the newest Executive Project Manager for Campus Wide Events at Southeastern University.  One of her role models is her boss at school, Hillary DeMeo.  “Hillary has an assertiveness that I hope to someday have – she knows how to get the job done, and do it well.”  In her spare time she loves to hang out with her friends and go boating with her family.  She is very family oriented and can not wait to start one of her own – she loves babies!

So as you can see, Brianna Kuck is a young woman who has encountered hardships in her life, but has come through with courage and a positive light for others to see.  She, along with her parents, will take Nathaniel’s Hope to new levels that they can not imagine.


2 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Girl Next Door

  1. This is incredible! I’m so proud of Brianna and her family. This story was especially inspring to because I have a little sister named Christena who has special needs and has been in and out of the hospital her whole life and benefits from organizations like Nathaniel’s Hope.

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