6 Tips for Event Marketing

What is event planning?  Well, it is many things.  Event planning is everything from brainstorming for ideas, to going to shopping for supplies, to creating a budget and run sheet, and actually executing the event.  There are so many little details to planing events, but every detail is very important.

Lets say you went all out – you rented a huge arena, bought tons of food, and had awesome decorations and entertainment – but not very many people showed up.  Reason?  Poor marketing!

Marketing an event is one of the most important details of event planning.

Photo Credit: eHow

I have had experience as an event marketer so I definitely know the tips and tricks to a successful event.  Marketing is also way more than creating a flyer – it has multiple stages and processes.

So here are some tips for effective event marketing:

  1. Determine your audience – who do you want at the event?  Where can these people be reached easiest to advertise?
  2. Create multiple forms of marketing – A catchy graphic, a Facebook page, Twitter, a blog, and Purple Cow!  Also,  If it is a large event, contact the newspaper and radio stations and ask to do an ad
  3. Purple Cow – Purple Cow Marketing is something that gets people’s attention.  Something tangible or visually out of the box.
  4. Viral Marketing – place the graphic that was made everywhere – from the bathroom stalls, to windshield wipers – people have no choice but to notice!
  5. Follow Through – keep going back to the places you left flyers and replenish them, tweet about the event and post updates on the facebook page.
  6. Pictures – everyone loves pictures – so why not post pictures about the current process of the event?  Ex: The event is a fashion show – post pictures weeks and days ahead of time of people selecting wardrobe, sneak peaks of the models, and the building of the runway – this will get people excited.
Photo Credit: SethGodin.com

So find something that will really catch people’s attention – and make sure to follow through!


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