Do You Diigo?

Photo Credit: Arik Hanson

If you are like me, you have your entire internet browser tool bar full of favorite web sites, as well as probably fifty others in your “top sites” menu.  As a college student, there are a lot of things that we need to keep track of and bookmark – everything from informational websites for that research paper, to your favorite clothing store.  But, all these tabs up on your tool bar can get a little messy looking.  Well…have no fear – I have a solution! will become your best friend.  It is like Pinterest for websites!

So what exactly does Diigo do?

  • It is a way to take personal notes about favorite websites and specific pages on those websites
  • It highlights text information on web sites
  • It bookmarks websites for easy access at a later date
  • It adds tags to keep the sites organized and easily “sharable” with others
Since Diigo has the ability to formulate sites into tabs, it very helpful for students who work on group projects.  They simply just share the link to their diigo library, and voila!  Stress free group project! (well…almost)
I, personally, use my Diigo account for event planning websites.  I am an event planner at school, as well as a PR major, so I like to consistently visit my favorite planning sites to look at pictures and read blogs about their latest events for some tips and tricks for my own events.  I have found this extremely helpful in the sense that I can store them all in one place, and that I actually have room for other websites on my bookmark bar!
So if you are asking my opinion as a college student, a PR major, and an event planner, Diigo is incredible!

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