Spring Break Blessings: Tim Tebow

This year my spring break was cut a little short.  I went back to school a few days early to volunteer at the annual SEU Leadership Forum.  Every year The Forum is packed with famous speakers, and in the past we have had former president George W. Bush, and Condoleezza Rice as big names, but this year was different – THIS year Tim Tebow was the headline speaker!

The SEU Forum

Now, I will admit, I was not a die hard Tebow fan when I first found out he was coming – mainly because I am not a Gator fan.  However, my feelings towards this man quickly changed.  My mom read his book she told me all about how great he was, so I gained a little bit of interest – then I googled him!  What I found was incredible.  He is truly a unique man of God and is something really special to our society today.

As time grew closer and closer to the forum, I grew more and more excited to see him – and hopefully have the opportunity to meet him.

It was finally here – March 8, 2012, Lakeland, Fl. – 6:45 am all of the volunteers gathered together to look over the schedule – what we see? “4:45 Tebow Photo Session” – ummm, WHAT?!?!  I have never seen so many girls (and guys) more excited! – Here is the bad news – the photo session was only for people who bought tickets to the dinner he was speaking at later that night – not the volunteers.  The air was full of disappointment.

Later on, one of my friends came up to me and whispered in my ear “Someone gave me 4 tickets to give away to friends for the banquet, and I am taking you” – my heart just about fell to my toes.  I was going to meet Tim Tebow at the photo session.

I quickly changed out of my loud, red volunteer t-shirt into a nice dress, blazer, and heels and headed down to the photo session.  As we walked in we were told only red tickets were allowed photos – and I had a black ticket…. Never have I been SO let down!

So I go to the dinner banquet and listen to him speak, falling even more and more in love with him and his heart for God, and then me and some friends have an idea – paparazzi him!  When he walked off stage we knew he was going out the back door to the side of the building, so we snuck out of the banquet room and ended up outside right by his car – where he just so happened to be walking to.

I then preceded to ask him for a picture, shook his hand (for the second time today) and watched him drive away.  It is definitely a night I will never forget!  I will always remember the people who blessed me on this wonderful spring break.








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