The Benefits of Podcasting

Podcasting is a pretty popular thing in the world of PR and social media.  For PR students, they are great for getting tips as they are looking towards a career.  It gives some feedback and topics for thought and discussion in the social media/PR world.

According to the Social Media Trader here are the main benefits to podcasting:

Reach a new audience
People like to consume media differently, so including another media option could help you reach new audience. Unlike video podcasts, audio podcasts allow a listener to multi-task, so they could end up listening to you on the way to work on while they browse the web.

Build a relationship with your listeners
Podcasts put a voice to your company/website and help you avoid being just another logo. Because podcasts are also opt-in, it means that only people who are interested in what you have to say will listen.

Highlight your authority
Giving away useful information can highlight your expertise in your field and might make people more likely to trust you in future. You could also record seminars and conferences so that people who couldn’t make the event can listen.

Increase advertising potential
If your podcast becomes popular, you might even be able to start selling advertising slots.

Respond to customer feedback.
You can use your podcast as a chance to address any customer concerns or feedback you’ve received.


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