Guest Blog: 10 Bathing Suits for Spring – Cover it up!

This week I am posting a guest blogger.  Elizabeth Telg has a wonderful blog that I read frequently.  One of her latest posts is definitely something all girls have a love/hate relationship with – bathing suits!  And any fashionista knows that bathing suits are not all about flaunting your bod – they are a fashion statement!  And if you have been keeping up with your spring fashion magazines, you have seen that modest really is hottest this spring!  Vintage one pieces and two pieces with high-waisted bottoms, are so in right now!  So take a read and then go buy one!


Modest is hottest… While some might not think this, modest is for sure in! Swim suits are exposing less cleavage and becoming more old-school and I do NOT mind this one bit!! Here are some styles for all you ladies who are looking to rock a super-cute suit over spring break!


Source: Etsy


Source: J.Crew


Source: Anthropologie


Source: Urban Outfitters


Source: Anthropologie


Source: Marysia Swim Store


Source: Etsy


Source: Anthropologie


Source: Anthropologie


Source: Anthropologie


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