Poynter: More Than You Think!

When I think of the Poynter Institute, I think of Downtown St.Pete, because that is where I am from – so I have passed by the institute several times.  Then when I went to college I knew Poynter as the company that makes the “News U” courses.  However, it is so much more!

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When I first heard about the Poynter Institute, I thought it was just for writing – only, I thought it was for “boring” writing.  What I did not realize is that it also benefits those interested in blogging, photography and design!

Poynter can definitely be a big help when I begin to look for my first job in PR because they have a whole section on their website of job postings.  They have postings for many communications majors such as: Business reporter, video producer, and digital/broadcast journalism.  So they pretty much have everything!  Definitely not just Journalism (like I previously thought).

The Poynter Institution has also had several world class speakers.  “Poynter Community Conversations began in 2005 when New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger led a public session during which he invited the audience to ask questions. The program format proved to be immensely popular and since then, Poynter has hosted numerous journalists and thousands of citizens who want to better understand the work, challenges and motivations of today’s media.”

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Other speakers include those from: The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC news, ESPN, and CBS evening News – all, very prestigious and famous organizations!

So, as you see, the Poynter Institute is not a place located in St. Pete and it is not just a journalism place where we take News U courses – it is a historic place with a lot of professional connections!  So don’t underestimate it like I did!


3 thoughts on “Poynter: More Than You Think!

  1. For my class I have had to do NewsU courses but I have never explored more of what Poynter Institute has to offer. I was surprised to read this and find out that there is so much more than just the courses and to the audience it serves. Also, how large it has become in the media world. thank you for sharing. I’ll be sure to look at Poynter again soon.

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