Advertisings’ Biggest Day!

So what is your favorite part of the SuperBowl?  Is it the sweat, the action, and loud cheering?  Or are you like half of America and only watch for the commercials?  Well, I am one of those commercial-watchin-junkies.

According to most Superbowl viewers, the game was not that exciting…and the commercials seemed to be stuck in the same place as the game.  For the most part, the commercials were just “eh, that was cute” – but then there were a few that really stuck out and made you want to laugh until you peed!

Here are some of my favorite commercials from this year:






2 thoughts on “Advertisings’ Biggest Day!

  1. I totally identify with that large percentage of Americans that only watch the Super Bowl a) because hey, its the super bowl and b) because of the commercials! I personally enjoyed the FIAT commercial with the golden retriever who saw himself as overweight and began skipping out on eating dropped food, and began exercising in his spare time! What a cute but relatable concept, and then to compare it with the vehicle- genius. I have a strong appreciation for the writers of commercials, and still cannot believe how much they will pay to create it, then to have it play for 20 seconds during the Super Bowl! Blows my mind!

    Thank you for sharing,


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