Scrape your Knee…Not my Blog

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The one thing I heard most from all of my teachers elementary through high school was, “Write your own work – do not plagiarize!”  It is permanently embedded in my brain…so why would you do it in blogging?

There are people (and even machines) that are specifically told to find blogs and copy their material for their own blog.  My question to these people is, do you not have enough creativity to write your own blog?  And if not, then don’t blog!!!! Easy as that.

Although, if I was working in PR for a major fashion magazine and I stumbled across a competitor’s blog that was identical to what I wrote, what approaches would I take?

Well, for one, I would want to blow up their blog with nasty comments and report them to the “plagiarism police”! – BUT – I am not in fifth grade and there is no such thing (unfortunately).  However, I would take my time to cool off first and tell my superior what I discovered.

I would then decide to contact the competing company through their corporate office rather than commenting on the blog for everyone to see.  Commenting on the blog for all to see would not only come across as unprofessional, but it could hurt my magazine company’s reputation and give our readers a “bad taste” for our magazine.

So if you yourself are guilty of “blog scraping” go back and give the person you stole from some credit – all you have to do is link to their original blog, or formally ask them to be a “guest blogger” on your blog.  So if you really want to scrape something, scrape your  knee…not someone’s blog!

Image Cite: Google Images

5 thoughts on “Scrape your Knee…Not my Blog

  1. This was a really great post and so true! What really is the point of having a blog if it isn’t your original thought and work? That is the beauty of having the freedom to blog, you can have your values, beliefs, and opinions published! So why would you steal from someone else? What’s the use in blogging if it isn’t your own? Take the opportunity to let your voice be heard and write away!

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