Groundswell says Listen

Don’t you jsut love when you tell someone a story and then realise they weren’t paying attention to a word you said?!?  HA!  I didn’t think so.  So why do some businesses not listen to the words of their customers?

Have you ever gotten an unsatisfactory drink from Starbucks?  I know, it is rare, BUT it does happen occassionally.  When you do get a bad drink what do they do for you?  They make you another one!  They listen to the fact that you did not like your drink.  They also listen to their customers through Twitter.  If you ever have a problem with the service you received, just pop on to Twitter and complain away!  (I know, sounds rude, but how else will they know what to change??)

Customer satisfaction is the most important quality of business.

Besides the obvious reasons of why Listening is important for your customers, here is why it is important for your business to succeed:


The Growndswell Book states that this is how your business will change through listening:

1. It’s likely to change the power structure of your organization.

2. The instant availability of information from customers can become like a drug that companies can become addicted to.

3. Listening to the groundswell will relentlessly reveal your stupidity. When customers can complain, bitterly and accurately, about the way you do business and you can measure and quantify their complaints, it’s hard to deny your own flaws. The constituency for stupid policies and products will evaporate in the face of highly visible customer feedback.

4. You may think that listening is the easiest way to engage with the groundswell because it’s low risk– it doesn’t require you to put yourself into the conversation. But while listening is part of a conversation, every conversation includes talking as well…So if you’re listening now, expect to be talking soon, too.

So if you are a business owner, why would not listen???


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