Go to Senate

Have you ever said “I wish guys could live in buttercup” or “I hate our mascot, fire dogs put out fire! – not support it!” ….Well…..GO TO SENATE!

Photo by: Liz Colburn

SBLC hosts a once a month Senate meeting that is the last Monday of every month in room A115 at 6pm.  This is an opportunity for students to speak their voice.  I used the example of boys living in Buttercup – Chris Owens, himself, said that if someone proposed that to senate, the results would most likely be positive.  Also, it has been voted on to change the school’s mascot – all because someone proposed to change it.

So if you have a yearning desire for something to be changed, then do something about it!

For more information contact:

Daniel Widergren: drwidergren@seu.edu


Liz Colburn: eecolburn@seu.edu


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