Social Medias Galore!

Social Media is tranforming the world.  It is a part of, virtually, everyone’s lives – whether they know it or not.  Social media is composed of various platforms: Social networking, blogging, podcasting, etc. – You get the idea.

The most popular form of Social media around the world is social networking.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  I, personally, use Facebook and Twitter.  Without Facebook and Twitter, I would literally know nothing about society and my friends (the term “friends” is used loosely – it refers to “people I have conversed more than 20 times with and actually like” and “people I’ve only seen or met once in my life and do not necessarily like”).  Facebook allows you to participate in the “Four C’s”: Communicate, Comment, Chat, and Creep – it is more interactive than, say, Twitter.  Twitter also allows you to post photos and reply to “tweets”, but it is more general than personal.

Besides social networking, I am also a blogger (obviously).  Blogging is an excellent way for someone to write about what really matters to them.  Blogging is also useful for the author to interact with the readers – which is the main difference between a blog and a web site.

A social media platform that I have not yet tried is podcasting.  I honestly, do not even know the full capabilities of what podcasting can do.  When I think of podcasting I think of something you put on your iPod!
With a little research, I discovered what podcasting really is.  As you can see, blogging gives anyone the ability to be an “author” or “reporter” – well, it’s the same with podcasting.  Podcasting gives anyone with a computer the ability to have their own radio show or talk show.  And come to find out, I am not completely wrong when I thought it had to do with an iPod – the term “podcasting” comes from the two words “iPod” and “broadcasting”!

I, personally, am not that into the idea of radio hosting, but hey!  It’s cool to know that I could if I wanted to!


2 thoughts on “Social Medias Galore!

  1. Oh Liz Colburn, I love the way you explain the way you use Facebook, because quite frankly it is SO DARN TRUE. I love the “4 C’s”. Very clever. And I like your view on podcasting; in fact, I even learned that the term podcasting came from “iPod” and “broadcasting”. I do in fact learn something everyday.Thanks for sharing your knowledge and sass.

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