Picture Perfect Blog

You know the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?  Well, people do – and I am one of them.  If the cover of a book is not “pretty” then I am not going to read it – because in my mind, if the cover doesn’t look good, then the book won’t be good.

Source: Book Cover Creator

The same goes for blogs.  If a blog is composed of just words, then who wants to read it? I know I don’t!

So how do you spice up a blog to make it more visually appealing?  Add pictures!  Pictures not only add to the overall attractiveness to a blog post, but it can also help explain the topic of a post.

Choosing the right picture(s) for your blog is probably the funnest part, however, once you find it, you must make sure to give credit to the source you got it from.  Lets say you found a picture off of Google Images and clicked it, you would be brought to a website – that is what you cite.  Here is an example:

Source: Redbud Farms








What is a fashion magazine without pictures of clothes?  What is a printed news story without a picture of the scene?  – So, what is a blog without pictures of what you are writing about???

You may write a paragraph or a page, but a picture is worth a thousand words.


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