Comments, Please!

Alright, so you are reading a blog and you really like it, so you just exit out of the page and go on with your life. Right?  FALSE!  Post a comment!  Blog writers put a lot of time and energy into their blogs, especially if that is their profession, so it is only fair for you to comment on it.

Lets say you are the producer of a movie.  You have your red carpet premier and after the viewing of the film, no one says how it was to you.  RUDE!  Would you not be upset? Yes, I think you would.  Same thing for a blog writer.

I know you may think, “Well, no one really cares about my one little comment” – well, if you are that one little comment, at least there was one comment!  How are the bloggers supposed to know if what they are writing is good, or if it is crap?  They NEED people’s feedback.

If I haven’t persuaded or guilted you into it already, here are 5 reasons why you should comment on people’s blogs:

1. It is the polite thing to do – internet etiquette is a real thing.

2. They need to know if they should keep writing the same thing the same way, or change their subject and approach.  Don’t leave them clueless!

3. It sparks conversation.  You never know, you could comment on someone’s blog, then start a conversation, and then find out this blogger is one of the top paid bloggers in the country!  Then you would know someone kinda famous!

4. It makes you look cool, and like you know what you are talking about – but only if you really do know what you are talking about – don’t make yourself look stupid…

5. Express your thoughts and feelings.  This is an awesome way to anonymously (or “nonymously”) express an opinion, or complaint, or praise or compliment.  No one has to know who you are.  Or they can if you choose.

So basically, what I am trying to tell you is that you need to comment on people’s blogs.  You can take your first shot right here, right now, on my blog.

Happy Commenting! 


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