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1. THAT AgencyLady Gaga to Start New Social Network – 1.27.12 – This will be a very interesting topic to discuss in my college Social Media class!  Lady Gaga can do ANYTHING! She is definitely making history.

2. THAT AgencySocial Media Marketing Cheat Sheet – 1.27.12 – These are awesome tips! I will definitely be using these to market my college clubs.

3. NYC PR GirlsNew York City vs. Everywhere Else – 1.30.12 – This is SO true!  Everywhere else: you have to pay attention to the crossing lights.  New York City: “Stop” actually means “Go”

4. NYC PR GirlsGoing Solo in the City – 2.26.12 – Amen! as much as I love my roommate, i LOVE those weekends when I am in the room alone with nothing but my tv, and like you said, sex and the city!

5. NYC PR GirlsPR Girl PRowess: Mastering the Brainstorm – 2.26.12 – This is SO helpful!  I am a campus wide event planner on my college campus and we are always having brainstorming meetings for events!  It is so true about acting like you have no budget – we throw out crazy stupid stuff like “a tiger” – and you never know, we might just get a tiger one day!

6. A Beautiful MessMake Your Own Coffee Syrup (Gift Idea) – 2.26.12 – This is seriously the best gift idea I have ever seen!! I want to make this for myself!! I will definitely be doing this for all my fellow coffee loving friends!!

7.  PR 20/20 – 7 Tips “or Event Social Media Marketing – 4.15.12 – These are really good tips.  Tip 4 “show and tell” is a really good idea.  I know that I like to see pictures of times square being set up for new years eve and events like that.  I am definitely going to start doing that for my events!

8. NYC PR GirlsA PR Girl’s Friday To-Do List – 4.15.12 – Amen!

9. NYC PR GirlsRandom Life Lessons From the NYC Subway System – 4.15.12 –  I love this! I have aspirations to move to NYC with a career in PR, and this post is definitely fun and helpful.

10. A Beautiful MessSong Lyrics Scrapbook DIY – 4.15.12 – This is such a cute idea!  Definitely a cute gift for a significant other.


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