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1. Jillian ReidPicture That – 1.25.12 – Jill!  I really enjoyed this post!  And I really like your sense of humor ;-).  And you are right, the picture must fit the topic of the blog.  I am so proud of your new blogging skills 🙂

2. Taylor FlummerfeltBecome a Better Blogger – 1.26.12 – You always have the best blogs, Taylor. I can always go to your blog for tips on  how to be professional and be a successful PR person.  You are definitely going to go somewhere in the world of PR.

3. Elizabeth Telg Clayton Austin – Photographer to Watch – 1.26.12 – Well would you look at that!  We have almost the same blog post!  I wrote something very similar about Dan Austin and you wrote yours on Clayton Austin!  Ironic much?!  But oh my goodness!  His photography is beautiful!!! Definitely very creative and unique….i am torn between which “Austin” I like better.  Also, is he a local photographer?

4. Elizabeth Telg – Adventure Saturday – 2.26.12 – ahh! yay! That day was so fun! There is nothing better than going out with friends, getting cheap, DELICIOUS coffee, and THRIFTING! I never get tired of finding a good deal.  The Improviso was really fun as well.  Like you said, nothing like a day with coffee, friends, and laughter!  p.s. we need to get more deals sometime soon.

5. Taylor FlummerfeltSocial Media, Friend or Foe? – 2.26.12 – Yes! I love that “social media explained” photo!! It is so true! makes me laugh every time 🙂

6. Jessica WinsteadAttention All COMM Students! – 2.26.12 – I absolutely love this idea.  I am an avid “mod-podger” and I am constantly clipping things out of magazines and making collages.  I am clipping out the words “event planning” for the collage.  I can not wait to see how it turns out.

7. Elizabeth TelgKeepin’ It Classy – 4.15.12 -I love how you edited the pictures.  I am so proud of the commuter life team, including our very own Taylor Flumerfelt.  I was in the front of the room DJ-ing the whole time, and I saw a lot of people who would not normally talk to each other, dancing and singing the “older” songs together.  It was really great to see such community.

8. Jillian ReidPersonality Profile: Liz Colburn – 4.15.12 -Oh, Jillian, I am so flattered!  You are so sweet and I could not be more happy than to have a friend like you.

9. Sera VirginiaInstagram + Facebook – 4.15.12 – I don’t like that facebook bought it because this means it will change – it will change in appearance, in technicalities, and more people will begin to use it for stupid stuff – just like they do with facebook. This is a really good topic to write about! It definitely will spark some conversation.

p.s. the crazy rolling guy peeking into your ticket window… 😉

10. Elizabeth TelgAnd the award goes to… – 4.15.12 – I was going to post the same title as well… I also am a huge fan of Jillian’s blog as well! ….Like mother, like daughter 😉


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