Yard Sale

People Watching – the act of critically watching what people do, say, and wear and then analyze them either mentally or verbally to the people you are with.

People watching is by far, the most entertaining thing to do when you are in a public place with nothing to entertain you….sometimes even when you do have entertainment!  There are all kinds of places to observe people: Malls, airports, Chartwells, El Prado, and recently for me, yard sales.

I just had a yard sale to try and make some Christmas spending money…and let me tell ya, there are some crazy people out there! (Like you didn’t know that already, right?)  Day 1 of two day yard sale was quite a treat.  People will do ANYTHING to get a cheaper price…even when the price is already like 50 cents!  I had an almost new JanSport backpack that had only been used for half of a school year – no stains, dirt, nothin!  I priced it for $3 which was I thought was reasonable…well, someone must have needed it really bad because a lady swapped the price tag with a 50 cent tag….seriously???  And then I had a $1 barbie stolen…

Another thing about yard sale customers is their fascination with picking something up, observing every detail for about 5 minutes, and then put it back down.  Its a yard sale…if it isn’t cheap enough for you then ask to negotiate the price because we just want to get rid of our stuff – we don’t want to lug it back into the garage.

Besides watching the shopper’s behavior, it is also very interesting to observe the comparison between the car they arrive in and what clothes they are wearing to what they buy and for how much.  There were people who rolled up in Lexus and Mercedes cars wearing big diamond rings who asked to take the price on a picture frame from $1.00 to 50 cents….again, are you serious?!?  And then you have “average” looking people with average looking cars who will say “Wow, that cheap?!?!”  Not to judge them, but it is just very interesting.

Yes, I had to wake up at the crack of dawn and got stuff stolen and scammed, but hey, now I have money for Christmas presents!


2 thoughts on “Yard Sale

  1. Liz, I can just hear you right now in my mind saying these words. Hosting a yard sale is definitely a smart way to earn some Black Friday cash. I know people watching is one of your favorite activities, so why not get paid to do it? I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and come across some good Black Friday finds!

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