Will You One for One?

For the past couple years TOMS shoes has been the up-and-coming trend in the shoe industry.  They broke the mold with the release of their shoes because no other shoe looks like theirs.  When they first came out a lot of people couldn’t decide if they like how they looked…but one person would get them and then that would make their friends like how they looked, and then that would make those people’s friends like them, and etc. Etc.  It also helps that they are some of the most comfortable shoes that your feet will step in.

Today, TOMS shoes are one of the best selling shoe companies out there…and it’s for another reason other than their looks and comfort.  TOMS is an outreach company that’s motto is “One for One” – For every pair that you buy, a pair is given to a person in another country with no shoes.  People complain about the $40-$70 shoes, which I know is tough to pay, but it is worth it because you know someone in need is getting a pair of shoes.  Founder, Blake Mycoskey, wrote a book telling all about how the company began, lost a lot of money, and then slowly began to work its way up.  He also talks about his vision and his personal experiences delivering shoes to the people in need.

Just recently TOMS has expanded their One for One to include sunglasses.  For every pair of sunglasses purchased, someone in another country gets an eye exam and the needed prescription glasses or surgery.  The sunglasses are pretty pricey averaging around $125 but a lot people pay good money for a pair of designer shades anyways, so why not buy ones that will help the health of someone in need?

So the next time you want to invest in a new pair of comfortable, all-purpose shoes, don’t be snob and buy Nike’s or Keds…buy some TOMS and help someone in need!


4 thoughts on “Will You One for One?

  1. I was actually looking at my friend’s TOMS magazine and saw the sunglasses and new merchandise they’re doing, and I thought it was awesome. The sunglasses actually looked pretty sweet! And yes, the prices for the shoes are expensive, but if you think about it, you’re buying two pairs of shoes, and one of them is going to somebody who needs them more than we do. I think TOMS is a great organization, and are doing something with a great cause, and this is a really good post acknowledging that!

  2. I agree with what TOMS stand for and does for the needy over seas. Last year I received my first pair of TOMS for my birthday and immediately fell in love! I bought another pair within the next few months. I noticed their sunglasses and I too realized how expensive they are but you helped me see it from a different point of view. If we are to spend money on designer shades why not buy a pair from TOMS that include an eye exam and prescription glasses or surgery. “So why not buy ones that will help the health of someone in need?”. I agree with you, why not?

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