How to: Shop for the Best Price

Heels: $29.99

Flats: $16.99

Boots: $39.99

Dress: $24.99

Jeans: $29.99

Top: $14.99

These are all typical prices for clothes at stores like Target, Charlotte Russe, JC Penney, Marshalls, etc.  Stores like Marshalls and T.J. Maxx claim to be cheaper than mall stores, but that is not necessarily true.  Any time I go to a store, I never shop in the front….I go right to the back where the clearance rack is.  

Target it my favorite store to shop because without a doubt, every time they have something I want, it will be on the clearance rack within two months.  Just yesterday I got a top that was originally priced for $17.99 for $4.89!!!!!  Almost all of my shoes are from Target and I have never paid more than $7.  At the mall, the best time to shop is at the end of a season because then that season’s clothes are all on clearance so they can make room for the next season’s trends.

So here is what you do:

  1. Don’t give in to your selfish desire to have things right now.  If you wait about two months, it will be on sale.
  2. Keep checking back.  Example:  Every time I go to Target I check the shoe section to see if there is a pair I have my eye on on clearance.
  3. Go shopping on Black Friday and day after Christmas….I promise there will be some of the best sales you will see all year.
  4. Don’t impulse buy!
  5. Make a list:  Look at Pinterest, magazines, etc. And make a list of the basics that you need – buy those first so you can create several outfits with the key pieces, and then go for the unique stuff later!

Don’t pay full price unless the full price is already “cheap” – wait around a little and save!!!


2 thoughts on “How to: Shop for the Best Price

  1. Great post! Target is a great store. I went to pick up some things for the tennis team last week and had to go to two separate stores to get what I needed. I noticed that the exact jacket (that I really want) was a different price at the two stores. At the first store, it was full price, then at the second it was 30% off. Two days later I was at a Target near home and saw the jacket again, but it was about 50% off. Maybe checking multiple Targets is also a good way to find what you want for less.

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