How [P]interest-ing!

Have you ever discovered something that changed your life?  Has that thing ever been a website other than facebook or twitter?  Well if you haven’t heard of it already, Pinterest is the latest craze.  Pinterest literally has everything on it (Well, maybe not “literally”)!  They have fashion, DIY and craft ideas, recipes, decorating tips, event tips, Hair & beauty, gifts with price ranges, electronics, etc!  I, personally, and most of my friends use Pinterest to coordinate and shop for outfits, makeup and hair tips, and for planning our future weddings.

Pinterest is great for personal use, but it is not just individuals that are using it.  Bridal and wedding planning companies are getting from as well as posting tips from Pinterest.   Stores such as Nordstrom, Macys, and companies like Martha Stewart are posting their products on Pinterest as a form of advertisement.  PR people are using the site like crazy for all kinds of reasons as well!

Pinterest can seem kind of confusing at first, so if you are new to it this is what you have to do:

  1. Go to and request an invite.  I know, it sounds snobbish and like there is a price to join, but it is free!  All you have to do is set up an account, similar to facebook, and just wait anywhere from a couple days to a week for an acceptance response.
  2. Once you get an account, you can invite friends from facebook and that will get them an invite sooner.
  3. There is what they call “Boards” – As you look through the pictures and you see ones you like, you “pin” them to a categorized board that you name yourself.  This keeps your interests in separate and distinguishable categories.
  4. Spend hours upon hours pinning!!!  You deny it and say it won’t happen, but yes, it WILL happen.  Time gets lost and the next thing you know, 3 hours have gone by!  It is THAT addicting.

So now you are caught up on the latest craze!



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