So You’re New Here…

So you are new to blogging…what century do you live in?!?! (Just Kidding)….

I, actually, am new to blogging myself.  I just started blogging this semester for my  Writing for Digital Media class.  When I found out that we were going to be blogging the first thing I thought of was, “Maybe I’ll be one of the lucky ones who gets famous and gets paid for their blog!”…..ya, right…BUT, it could happen….One day…

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Blogging is actually pretty fun because you can write about whatever you want to write about! If I have a thought or opinion I can just type away and click publish, and boom! there it is!  I know no one else outside of my class will probably ever see the blogs, but who cares?!  It is giving me writing experience and a way to release my thoughts onto the wonderful world wide web.

There are several reasons for writing a blog.  Like me, it could be for a class, or it could be for recreational purposes, or maybe even for a job!  That is how popular blogging has become!


So whether you want to just have fun, or gain experience for a possible career path, here are some basic tips for blogging:


  1. Be You – You and your writing style are unique – so why try and write like someone else?  People like to read real and raw material, so don’t fake it.
  2. ALWAYS insert pictures!!!!!!!!!!! I can not stress that enough.  People are very visual, and you are catering to people – so do what they like! (and it looks pretty!)
  3. Make your readers “LOL” – who doesn’t like to laugh?  I always like to read more of something that makes me laugh, so if you want loyal readers, then give them something they’ll want to come back to!
  4. Keep it spaced out – long paragraphs are a “no no”.  Do you like to read something that looks like a long loaf of bread?? no thank you….people’s eyes are attracted to things with spacing and short paragraphs.
  5. Give them some credit – if you use a picture or an excerpt from another article or blog, cite them.  You wouldn’t want someone to quote your work and not give you credit, now would you?
  6. Tag, don’t URL – URL’s are ugly. End of story.  It is unprofessional too.  Simply highlight a word or phrase in your blog and click the “insert link” button and voila!
  7. Consistency is Key – You don’t have to write everyday, but it is good to set a routine for both yourself and your readers.  It keeps you accountable, and your readers satisfied.
  8. Be a Little Selfish – Have an ‘About Me’ page that talks about you, your age, your career, etc.  Readers like to feel like they know you.
  9. Looks Matter – This is not one of those situations where its “whats on the inside that counts” – Like I said about the pictures, people like to look at attractive things – it’s basically a law of nature.  Make sure the design and the background is not too overbearing, but at the same time, not too simple.
  10. Have Fun – Need I say more?
So there you have it… my two-cents on blogging.  Just follow these basic steps and the rest will just flow!
Happy Blogging!
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