Citizen Journalism

I know you are wondering, What is citizen journalism?  Citizen Journalism is basically just everyday people contributing information about news events.  This can be the newspaper, the news and reporters, gossip magazines, etc.  My first thought when I heard the words “citizen Journalism” I thought of news reporters writing boring stuff that only old people for senators cared about….but, like I said before, celebrity gossip is in the same category!

I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy hearing about celebrities and their stupid lives.  From Kim Khardashian’s divorce to Justin Bieber’s Baby Mama, I will always perk up an ear when something like that is mentioned.  I also will be the first one to get distracted at the check out line because I am reading the headlines on People and InTouch Weekly.

We, as Communications students participate in Citizen journalism and we do not even realize it.  I, personally, have had to write either blogs or papers on what is going on in our society.  When we watch the news we are participating in a form of citizen journalism and especially when reading the newspaper.

Citizen Journalism is important because it allows people to hear more than one opinion.  Going to the Senate and Presidential side of citizen journalism, if you only heard one opinion and one opinion only, then how would you be educated and credible to make a voting decision? You couldn’t.  Citizen journalism is very important.  

There are hundreds of reasons citizen journalism is important, but celebrity gossip and voting purposes are just two examples.


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