I Hope I’m Doing This Right…

Headlines: They are the first thing people see.  They set the tone.  They tell the reader what they are going to be reading about.  They are the definition of “judging a book by it’s cover.”  If the headline is no good, then no one will want to read it.  So, here are 10 tips on writing effective headlines:

1. Write for the right reader – Always address your primary reader.  Your tone and message should appeal to your primary audience.  Use proper words, tone, and type to hook the primary reader.

2. Show top benefit in the headline – Benefit telling headlines always work.  Not only benefits of the articles, but the headlines should include the ‘top’ benefit in it.  This ‘top’ benefit will compel the reader to read on.

3. Touch their right cord of desire – Even a small piece of text, no one reads without a rational.  This logical reason can be any want, desire, or need…professional or personal.

4. Raise the curiosity – Such headlines serve as a teaser, which forces the reader to look out for more.

5. No open question type headlines – If you are giving a question headline, make sure you answer that one question.

6. Size does not matter – There is no rule for the length of headlines.  It can be as short as one word, or as long as 20 words.  The aim of the heading is to grab the reader.  If you can hook the reader with a short headline, then that is good, but if it needs to be longer, so be it.

7. Word with a cause – Every word in the headline must have a strong purpose for being there.

8. One is not the best – Don’t settle with your first headline.  Always write multiple options for the same article, then select one that works for all aspects.

9. Apply the ‘tact’ test – Give every headline the “Taste. Attractiveness. Clarity. Truth” test and be careful for even a single ‘no’ to any of these parameters.

10. Taste before serving – Take a break, forget about your article, and then go back to it after a while and read the headline and decide whether or not you would continue reading or not.


These words are tested and proven to get positive responses:

You, Your, Secret, Top, Easy, Tip, Simple, Money, Save, Profit, Own, Guarantee, New, More, Most, Love, Sex, Health, Revealed, Master, Free, Do it, How to.

Use these handy dandy tips and you are good to go!


I found these tips at SlideShare


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