The Quick & Dirty

Topic of the Week #3

Grammar Girl website has a very resourceful blog called the QDT Blog (Quick and Dirty Tips).  I am one of those girls who likes to read anything and everything about weight loss and how to eat fewer calories, and I found a post on that exactly!  The name of the blog post was 3 Tips on How to Eat Less Without Feeling Hungry.  As I was reading it I was taking into consideration the three-pronged approach:

1. What did you learn?

2. What surprised you?

3. What do you want to learn more about?

What I learned that was very interesting is to eat foods with high water content.  Water has no calories, and foods with high water content have few calories, and they make your stomach feel full.  An example of what to eat is grapes rather than raisins.  Grapes have 60% more water than raisins do, and a lot less calories.  Personally, when I am trying to lose weight, I love to snack on grapes because they fill me up fast and they have very little calories compared to most snack foods.  I also learned that fiber, when mixed with water, turns fluffy, so it fills your stomach and sends a signal to your brain that you are full.

Nothing in this post really surprised me because it all makes sense and most of it I have heard before.

What I would like to learn more about are all the foods that have high water content.  Off the top of my head all I can think of are grapes, watermelon, and cantaloupe, so I will definitely have to do my research.  I also need to learn to eat more proteins and less starches, because the more quickly that your food turns into glucose and goes into your bloodstream, the sooner you will feel hungry.

The less starches, and the more water and fiber, the fuller you will feel, and more weight you will lose!


5 thoughts on “The Quick & Dirty

  1. This is so good to know! You know I am a health nut, but it is always good to have the reminder of how good water is for you. I remember hearing you should never eat dried fruit because it is not very good for you. Well your article just confirmed that for me! Thank you for sharing. This is great information.

  2. Loved all these health tips! I didn’t know that before about grapes, but it definitely makes a lot of sense. Interesting also that fiber when mixed with water makes your stomach feel full. Thank you for the quick tips! And Elizabeth, that is so interesting about dried fruit! I love to snack on dried fruit because it’s yummy and I always thought it was pretty healthy.

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