If You Are New to SEU…

This is You

For all you new students roaming around campus thinking that you look like you blend in and no one would EVER know you are a freshman….REALITY CHECK!!! We will ALWAYS be able to tell if you are a freshman.  But that is the fun of it!  But besides you looking like you know it all, you don’t quite ACT like you know it all….So here are a few tips to make YOUR and OUR lives a lot easier.

Tip One: PLEASE, I repeat PLEASE do not be at Lunch and Dinner at Charty’s within the first half hour or hour of opening.  It ruins it for all of us when the lines are so long that 25 minutes have gone by and you have not eaten yet.  Simply sit down in Charty’s one night for about 2 hours and keep a watch on the time and figure out which times has fewer people in line.

Tip Two: When in Charty’s, DO NOT sit by yourself…This just makes the rest of us feel bad for you.  You have suite mates, and we are not as scary and mean as we look, so if you ask to sit with somebody…chances are, they will not say “no”.  Be assertive.

Tip Three: Make friends with someone who has a car.

Tip Four: Sign up for Chick-fil-a in the Lakeland Square Mall’s text messages….I can not count how many FREE chicken sandwiches I have gotten!

Tip Five: Do not waste your money at the Cobb Movie theater, unless you are DYING to see a particular movie right away, because in about 2 months it will be at the $3 movie.

Tip Six: Take advantage your class skips, but be careful with them and use them wisely.

Tip Seven: DO NOT wear that little lanyard around your neck with your student ID in it…that has Freshman written all over it.  I’m not here to make fun or judge, I’m just telling you the ugly truth.  Get a little wallet or something, but please, no lanyard!

Tip Eight: GET PLUGGED IN! I seriously can not emphasize this enough.  I spent my whole first year in my room every night.  Yes, I had a lot of fun with my suite mates, but now that I am involved in a club, I am having a blast! I have made several new friends who have now become my new family.

Tip Nine: Go to the Events!! They are made especially for YOU! So go out, and have a blast! It will build community and establish long-lasting friendships…maybe even that famous “ring by spring”!

Tip Ten: Starbucks is always there for you.  The Starbucks on Beacon is open 24 hours…and since you are a freshman, you obviously have a curfew, however, you are allowed back on campus at 5:30 am, so when it’s finals week and you are sick of your dorm room and library, pull that all-nighter at Starbucks! …..But to avoid punishment, do not come back until 5:30.

And that my freshman friends, is all my experience and advice wrapped up into 10 simple tips.


One thought on “If You Are New to SEU…

  1. This is such a great post. If I were a new student at SEU I feel like this post would help prepare me for the crazy world that is college. I liked that humor was your main tool of communication. You really walked a new student through the dos and possible don’ts of being a freshman.

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