TMZ: Surprisingly Useful

Topic of the Week #2

TMZ is one of the top Hollywood Gossip blog sites in today’s culture.  TMZ has anything and everything you want to know about what the celebrities are up to.  TMZ stands for the Thirty-mile zone which refers to the studio zone in LA which is within a 30 mile radius of West Beverly Boulevard.  Some people may think paying attention to celebrities is lame and a waste of time, but when you think about it, pop culture is what our society revolves around today.

Students can definitely learn a lot from reading a blog such as this one for several reasons.  I know that some students may not have a particular interest in Kim Kardashian’s wedding and honeymoon, but TMZ offers other interesting news such as what is the latest on Steve Jobs health? and what are the rumors for the upcoming season of Glee?  I am sure that every college student has a favorite show they watch, or a favorite actor, actress, or singer – and what better way to see what they are up to?  According to TMZ, the biggest story of the weekend is the story about the Republican party of Pima County, AZ that is auctioning off an exact replica of the gun that shot their congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, this past January.  News like that, that is not strictly regarding celebrities, a student can use to spark up conversation in a class such as American Government, or any other related class.  On the other hand, the celebrity news can very beneficial to spark up conversation with someone such as a hair dresser or nail technician.  I actually had personal experience with this today.  I was reading TMZ last night and I was reading about the “Kim K Superstar” scandal just out of curiosity.  Today, I went to get my hair cut and all of the hair dressers were talking about the tape, and because I read up on my blogs, I could engage in the conversation with them.

Reading celebrity gossip blogs are not only entertaining to read, but students can learn a lot of applicable facts that can cause them to partake in a lot of conversations with a lot of different groups of people they come across.


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